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DIY coffee tableHome decorating on a budget can be a challenge, but with one of these DIY coffee table ideas, you can have an original piece of furniture that fits your living room perfectly.  Designing a DIY coffee table is fun.  There are so many ways to customize it by choosing a unique base or top of recycled materials.  Here’s what you need to know to get started:

What Size?

Coffee tables are usually placed in front of a sofa and flanked by a couple of side chairs.  The primary purpose of a coffee table is to give guests a place to set down a drink or plate, but they’re also used to display knick-knacks and magazines or to rest one’s feet.  However you plan to use your DIY coffee table, think comfort and convenience when determining its dimensions. 

  • Height — Coffee tables are typically 6 to 18 inches high.  Some designers suggest that the coffee table be about the same height as the sofa, or about 1 to 2 inches lower.
  • Length — The ideal length of a coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of the sofa.  Choose a size that works with the other pieces of furniture in the room.


Some Cool DIY Coffee Table Ideas


Vintage window DIY coffee tableVintage Window Frame Table

Begin with an old wood-framed window with six or eight sections.  Set it on a base or screw in table legs.  Paint it in a bright color or try the popular distressed painting style.  Top with a single sheet of glass or plexiglass, or have pieces cut to fit inside each pane.






Shadow box DIY coffee tableShadow Box Table

Display your favorite collection in a shadow box table.  This contemporary coffee table showcases the “guts” of an old computer.  Motherboards and other pieces of electronics are glued to an old wood coffee table.  The tabletop is a sheet of heavy plexiglass elevated by acrylic standoffs.

Source:  How-to Geek




Wood pallet DIY coffee tableWood Pallet Table

A wooden pallet used for moving material and goods in and around a warehouse makes a fabulous coffee table!  You don’t even have to refinish it — the look of the rough wood and stenciled lettering is part of its charm.  Support the pallet with short legs or wheels and top it off with a thick sheet of plexiglass or glass.

Source:  Pure Green Magazine







Old trunk DIY coffee tableOld Trunk Table

An old luggage trunk makes a great coffee table and doubles as place to store stuff like books, games or DVDs.   Check out your grandma’s attic or a neighbor’s yard sale for the perfect antique trunk.  Decorate it with stickers, as shown here, or clean it up and use it as-is.  Or, paint it to match your decor.  Top with a custom-cut piece of plexiglass or glass to protect the top surface.





A Simple Design

Coffee tables designs are pretty simple — all you need is a sturdy base and a flat top.   All of the DIY coffee tables shown here use recycled materials.  Once you figure out the size of your coffee table, brainstorm ideas for novel materials you can use for the base or trop.  The possibilities are endless!

  •  Base – The base of your coffee table can be anything that is sturdy, relatively heavy and the right height.  It also needs to be able to support the tabletop.  Choose an interesting shape or recycle something unexpected, like a garden urn, half-whiskey barrel, pair of raffia stools, sawed-off tree trunk, old statue, stack of Legos, or cluster of glass vases filled with colored marbles.  You can also reuse an old coffee table base and give it a new top.
  • Tabletop – The beauty of a DIY coffee table is that you customize the size to fit your room.  Lumber, glass, plexiglass or a mirror make good tabletops.  Have the store or supplier custom-cut it to your dimensions.  If you pick a wood top, explore different finishes such as distress painting, staining, varnish or decoupage.  If you prefer a glass, plexiglass or mirrored tabletop, make sure it is thick enough (minimum ¼ inch) and that the edges are smooth.


Use Your Imagination!

A DIY coffee table can be just what you need to add an interesting focal point to your living room.  Look around your house for other things to use for a coffee table base, like an old aquarium, a stack of books, or some wooden crates.

If you need a custom-cut plexiglass tabletop, contact the team at E&T Plastics for advice and pricing.   And use the comment box below to send us your own ideas for a DIY coffee table and photos of your handiwork.




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