Two New LuciteLux™ Cast Acrylic Sheets




LuciteLux™  Cast Acrylic SheetsTwo exciting new cast acrylic sheet products by Lucite International are now part of the E&T Plastics portfolio:  the LuciteLux™ Rio Designer Series and LuciteLux™ Coral.  Both LuciteLux™ products are praised for their innovative qualities and beauty and promise to appeal to designers, fabricators and architects for use in a wide range of applications.


LuciteLux™Rio Designer Series

Developed in partnership with Brazil-based Bérkel Chapas Acrilicas Ltda., the LuciteLux™ Rio Designer Series is a 100% acrylic-based surface that provides endless shape and design options, from chairs to wall cladding to signage and more.  Noted for its beauty and vibrancy, the Rio Designer Series has a solid, durable, non-porous surface that offers performance, durability and design flexibility.


Food Service

  • Non-porous, durable and easy to clean
  • Ideal for food preparation and service areas, trash receptacles, restroom vanity tops, toilet partitions, and more

LuciteLux™ Rio Designer Series

Retail and Entertainment

  • Perfect for dynamic displays that entertain and entice
  • Ideal for transaction counters, display cases, furniture, gaming tables, wall cladding, food-service areas, public washroom vanity tops, and more


  • Beauty and function to take educational environments beyond classroom basics
  • Ideal for desk and tabletops, work surfaces in labs and classrooms, wall cladding, dormitory bath vanity tops, tub and shower surrounds, window sills, and more


  • Unique designs and performance to chart a new course of style on the water
  • Ideal for state room vanity tops, shower surrounds, counters, handrails, wall cladding, display cases, galleys, fitness facilities, sick bays, and more 

Corporate and Public Spaces

  • Perfect for designers and architects seeking unique character and fresh ideas
  • Ideal for receptions and transaction counters, workstations, wall cladding, exterior cladding, corridors, elevator walls, entranceways, meeting spaces, and more.
Colors and Styles

The LuciteLux™ Rio Designer Series is available in 48” x 96” sheets in these colors:

  • Copper with Marble Design, .157 (MB0984)
  • Gray with Marble Design, .157 (MB0943)
  • Black with Granite Design, .394 (GR23147)
  • Brown with Granite Design with Cristal Clear Coat, .787 (GR2148)

There are also many other colors and designs in the Rio Designer Series which are available through special order.


LuciteLux™ Coral

LuciteLux™ CoralLuciteLux™ Coral is a new cast acrylic sheet with a deep, rich, textural, 3-D effect that is reminiscent of nature’s tropical coral reefs.  Its one-of-a-kind element has a unique appeal to designers for use in a wide range of applications, from retail interiors and architectural spaces, to furniture and fashion accessories. Each sheet of LuciteLux™ Coral has its own unique fingerprint and colors can be tailored to individual projects or selected from 14 colors already developed.  Minimum order quantities apply.

Features and Benefits 
  • Distinctive three-dimensional metallic effect that appears to move subtly with changing lighting and perspective
  • Each sheet has its own unique “fingerprint”
  • Infinite color possibilities
  • Perfect for giving style and substance for a broad range of fashion-forward design applications
  • Architectural installations, retail interiors, statement furniture pieces, and more


Call for a Sample

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of the LuciteLux™ Rio Designer Series and LuciteLux™ Coral acrylic sheets, call your E&T representative for samples.

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