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E & T Plastics Manufacturing Services Division is committed to delivering the highest quality component parts to meet the needs of our demanding clientele. We are constantly upgrading our equipment and services to keep pace with our ever-changing world.

E & T Plastics has long been the industry leader in CNC routing, laser cutting, Vacuum Forming and Pressure Forming, as well as traditional plastic fabrication.

 With several million dollars invested in State of the Art equipment,  E & T Plastics is uniquely positioned to continue as a leader in the field of plastic component manufacturing. Couple our extensive inventory from the world's premier manufacturers with our 60 plus years of experience,  you will have an unbeatable combination of quality, competitive pricing and unrivaled capacity.

Equipment & Preperation

Manufacturing Services

Laser Cutting
CNC Routing
5 Axis Routing
Diamond Edge Polishing

Computerized Cutting
Vacuum Forming
Pressure Forming

Laser Cutting

Our 1000-watt dual-headed CO2 laser cuts and polishes simultaneously, creating intricate parts that common lasers and routers cannot. The dual-beam feature cuts two parts at the same time effectively doubling capacity and reducing costs to our customers and end users.

Our CAD Department is equipped with the latest software and can read most programming formats allowing E & T Plastics to produce your designs quickly and accurately.


CNC Routing / 5 Axis Routing

 E & T Plastics has six high-speed multi-head CNC routers all equipped with tool changing capability, which enables us to produce quality parts quickly. Multi-bit tool changers make the task of switching router bits faster and more cost effective eliminating down time.

Our newest ( June 2004) and largest  CNC router can machine parts as large as 84" x 216". It has twin 84" x 108" tables with four synchronized router heads each equipped with a twelve-position tool changer. We have the capacity to meet the industry's toughest delivery schedules.

If you are searching for 5-Axis CNC routing, you do not have to look any further than E & T Plastics. Whether your parts are vacuum formed or flat, we can handle any job.


Diamond Edge Polishing

Our Diamond Edge finisher produces a high luster quality polish without the stress associated with flame polishing. The diamond polished edge can be cemented without crazing.


Auto buffing is an automated technique offering a hand buffed look without the high cost associated with standard buff polishing.

Edge Finishing

Edge finishing, similar to milling, has a satiny appearance and is the most cost effective manner in which to finish an edge. You can cement directly to the finished edge.

Contact our sales representatives to discuss all of the options of edge finishing available at E & T Plastics


Computerized Cutting

Our several computerized CNC saws enable
E & T Plastics to saw cut your parts with precision and accuracy.

With our computerized cut planning program, we can optimize your cutting requirements to save you money and reduce waste.


Vacuum Forming

We at E & T have always been a leader in vacuum forming, and with our in-house toolmaking facilities, we can assist you from the design stage through prototyping and production. Using both rotary and single station equipment, we are able to produce parts up to 4' x 8' and in a large variety of materials from simple Polystyrene, ABS, Acrylics, PETG and Polycarbonate to exotic materials such as fire retardant and low smoke materials for the transportation industry.

The use of pressure forming can create the parts that appear to have been injection molded, but without the high tooling costs and long lead times of injection molding.


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