ABS is a versatile thermoplastic. It is a terpolymer that combines acrylonitrile,
butadeine and styrene. Its’ versatility is exhibited when it is easily
combined with additives to give it different levels of impact strength, heat
resistance and flame retarding properties. Overall ABS offers a good balance of
tensile strength, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance and
surface hardness. ABS is available in a general purpose grade or machining grade.
Machine grade available in plates or rods.
At E&T Plastics we carry a general purpose grade that is unmasked and has haircell
texture on 1 side. Stock colors are black and white and we stock 48” X 96” in gauges
from .060” - .375”.


Alternate colors,
grades, textures and
sizes are available
upon request.
Minimums may apply.


This is a corrugated sheet that offers excellent rigidity due to
the ribs. It is treated to make it ink receptive and represents a
very low cost option for both indoor and outdoor signs. It is one
of the lightest in weight and water resistant. It is also
used for tote boxes and packaging.

Standard size - 4mm x 48 x 96.

Other thicknesses - 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm,
                                  8mm, 10mm.

Colors available - White, Ivory, Yellow, Blue, Brown,
                              Black, Orange, Green, Silver, Natural (Clear).

Corrugated Sheet

   48x96    lbs per sheet

2mm             2.95
3mm             3.93
4mm             5.08
5mm             6.55
6mm             9.17
7mm            11.14
8mm            11.81
10mm          13.12

Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
(Cab) Sheet

Cellulose Acetate Butyrate used to be known as Uvex®.
It is a high impact material that has deep draw thermoforming
capabilities. It is available in clear and many transparent
and translucent colors. It has been used for formed letters for
signs, for sign faces, face shields, and snowmobile windshields.
It is also available in clear tubes which can be capped and used
for shipping and display.

Clear & Colors
Standard sheet size - 50” x 76” and 50” x 100”.
Other sheet sizes up to 76” x 124” available.
Call for cut to size.

Guage Lb./SF     Guage Lb./SF   Guage Lb./SF
.030      .187           .100      .624      .187      1.17
.060      .374           .125      .780      .250      1.56
.080      .499           .150      .936

Clear & Colors

High Impact Polystyrene

HIPS is a versatile material. It can be silkscreened, die cut, thermoformed, and is
inexpensive. It is most common in white with a matte finish on both sides. This makes
it ideal for signs. It is available in thin gauges (.010 through .250). It is stocked as
40” x 72” and 48” x 96” sheet size, but is available run to size in relatively small quantities.
Custom colors are also available in smaller runs. It has a low thermoforming
temperature allowing for quick cycle times. It is also water resistant.

Standard size - 40” x 72” and 48” x 96”.
Run to size, custom colors.
Tolerance - Thickness +/- 10%.

48x96       lbs per sheet
2mm              14.15
3mm              22.93
4mm              28.30
5mm              37.06
6mm              45.83
7mm              51.20
8mm              56.57
10mm            70.72

Polycarbonate Film



Rigid Vinyl

Polycarbonate film for the graphic arts industry
offers a very tough, dimensionally stable material.
It can be silk screened, die cut, and fabricated.
Due to the high temperature performance
of polycarbonate, inks can be dried faster at a
higher temperature. Labels can be made for
high heat applications. Polycarbonate also has
very good electrical properties and an inherent
toughness which makes it an excellent choice for
membrane switches or thin insulators. Polycarbonate
films come in a variety of surface finishes
including polished, matte, suede, and velvet. The
surfaces can be coated for anti-scratch and/or
anti-fog applications.

Clear cellulose acetate is available both cast and extruded. Cast acetate offers superior
optics which makes it a good choice for gauge and dial covers. Extruded acetate is more
economical and good for pattern making and layouts. Both can be scored and snapped to
intricate designs. This is good for model making or prototypes. It can be die cut, printed and
thermoformed. Cellulose acetate propionate is a food grade and used for candy molds.


  .010    .020   .040    .060     .015      .030    .050

Rigid vinyls are used extensively in the graphics arts industry. They are ink receptive and offer clarity, durability, and resistance to moisture and chemicals. Calendered vinyl is available with a matte finish, or can be roller polished or press polished. Clear and white are the most common, but there are a wide variety of standard colors.

Rigid Vinyl Sheets Gloss/Gloss or Matte


  .010    .015      .020     .030

Standard sheet size - 25” x 52”. Other sheets and slit to size on request.