E&T Plastics offers standard manufactured sizes of acrylic sheet. We also can process these to your custom specified size or shape. Our company 
offers CNC machining, laser cutting, saw cutting to size, Edge polishing and a variety of additional fabrication methods. Contact us for the professional service you deserve.

Acrylic sheet is the best known and most widely used plastic. 
The reasons why are simple.
  • Optical Clarity - 92% light transmission makes it clearer than glass.
  • Colorfast - Does not yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Impact Resistance - 10 times more shatter resistant than glass. 
                                     Also available in bullet resistant grade.
  • Light Weight - Less than half the weight of glass.
  • Easy to Work with - It can be cut, drilled, polished, solvent cemented,                                                          thermoformed, painted, silk screened, laminated,  the                                                  possibilities are endless.

Acrylic Sheet

                      Clear & Colors
 Guage    Lb./SF    Guage    Lb./SF   Guage    Lb./SF
.060     .35              .236     1.44           1.50     9.0
.090     .52              .375     2.37           2.00     12.0
.100     .57              .500     3.00           2.50     15.0
.118     .70              .750     4.50           3.00     18.0
.177     1.10            1.00     6.00           3.50    21.0
.220     1.35            1.25     7.50           4.00    24.0

                                                             6.00    36.0

Ask about our laser cutting & CNC routing capabilities


Acrylic Colors


E & T Plastics stocks the most extensive inventory of acrylic sheet in
the industry. We have global purchasing power and over 60 Years
experience. We offer our customers the widest selection from the
best manufacturers in the world. Our strength is in acrylic sheet.
Here are just a few reasons why:

• Extra large sheets - Some distributors offer only a few sheet sizes.
E&T Plastics offers all sheet sizes in stock-even up to 100” x 150”.
• The Largest Color Selection - in stock.
• Thick Gauge Acrylic - in stock. Clear acrylic up to 6” and Colors up to 1”
White to 2”.
• All Grades in stock- Extruded, Continuous Cast and Cell Cast – in stock.
• Specialty Grades - U.V. filtering, U.V. transmitting, impact modified,
bullet resisting, patterns - in stock.

Acrylic Sheet

Clear & Colors

36 x 48

48 x 72

48 x 84

48 x 96

48 x 120

48 x 144

51 x 100

60 x 96

60 x 120

63 x 100

72 x 96

72 x 120

72 x 144

75 x 100

80 x 120

100 x 100

100 x 125

100 x 150

.030      .040   .060    .080    .100      .118   .177    .220     .354  .472  .704   1.0    1.25  1.50    1.75   2.0    2.50  3.0     3.50   4.0    6.0

1/32   1/25    1/16   5/64   3/32    1/8    3/16    1/4     3/8   1/2    3/4

Please note -These represent the most commonly stocked items. E&T Plastics often stocks many unique sizes. We can also supply run-to-size and cut-to-size.
Please contact us for all your acrylic needs.

Caring for Acrylic Sheet:
        • Store away from direct sunlight or heat. Exposure can make removal of protective masking difficult.
        • To Clean Acrylite sheet use a mild soap and water solution. Wipe with a soft cloth.
        • Refer to “Caring for Acrylite Sheet” pamphlet.
For Physical Properties, Codes, Standards, and Technical Support, visit www.acrylite.net for immediate access to
frequently asked questions, technical information, fabrication tips, physical properties, from North America’s
leading acrylic sheet manufacturer.

Acrylic Color Refernce Chart

Ivory             1H31       1K031        2146         TL

Orange        2H20       2K020        2119         TL

Red                              3M030       2157         TL

Red              3H38                          2415         TL

Red              3H32        3K032       2283          TL

Violet           4H21                         2287          TL

Red              3H31        3K031       2793          TL

White                          WT018       3015          O  

Red              3C01       3M031       2423           T

White                          WM23        7508         TL

White           WM30    WT030       7328         TL

White           WM31    WT031       2447         TL

White           WM22                       2067         TL

Yellow           1H32      1K032        2016         TL

Yellow           1H30      1K030        2037         TL

Yellow           1C22                         2208         T

Pink                                                3199        TL

Purple                         WC023       1020         T

Black                  9H01        9M001       2025               O

Amber               1C23                           2422               T

Black/White     9H04SC    9K004       1124-0            TL

Blue                   5H30        5K030         2114             TL

Blue                   5H31        5K031        2050              TL

Blue                   5H36        5RK36        2051              TL

Blue                   5C26        5C026       2069                T

Blue                   5C28        5C028        2424               T

Blue                   5H50        5K050        2648               TL

Bronze               7C24        7C024       2404                T

Bronze               7C49        7C049       2412                T

Brown                8H22                          2418               O

Bronze               8C30        8C030       2370                T

Grey                   7C25       7C025        2064               T

Grey-Battleship  7H21                          5040               O

Grey-Extruded                   7C026        2074               T

Green                 6H22        6K022        2108              TL

Green                 6H21        6K021        2030              TL

Green Edge       6F20        6B020        3030               T

Green Bottle     6C32        6C032        2111               T

Green                6C28        6C028        2092               T

Cast Acrylic Tolerance table

One of the reasons acrylic sheet is so popular is that it is available in stunning colors
and the color runs throughout the sheet. After colored acrylic is cut or shaped, its
edges can be polished to a high gloss to match the surface of the sheet.

We feature standard colors that are opaque, translucent and transparent. Opaque
colors allow no light to pass through. Translucent items allow varying amounts of light
transmission. Transparent colors allow you to see through their color.

Custom Colors: Available in almost any color you can imagine. Order as few as 15
sheets and choose from Pantone colors, other identification service or supply a color
swatch you’d like to match. Select from transparent, translucent or opaque colors and
specify texture- glossy, matte and more! Since custom colors are made to order be
prepared to wait for colors to be matched, approved and produced.

We can laser cut this item!



New Cyro

Cast #

Click on a color for a digital sample 

New Cyro

Extruded #


Color #





New Cyro

Cast #

New Cyro

Extruded #


Color #



Acrylic Color Reference Chart


Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet

Most acrylic sheet is manufactured by either extrusion or cell casting. Cell cast
is produced by pouring a liquid monomer into a cell and then placing the cell
in an autoclave. The benefits to cell casting are small minimums and a higher
molecular weight. This method results in slightly better chemical resistance,
heat resistance and clarity. The disadvantage to cell cast is that thickness
tolerance within a sheet can vary more than other methods. Extruded sheets
are produced by pushing the acrylic resin through a rectangular die that gives
the sheet its shape. Extruded sheets are usually less expensive and offer the
user less fluctuation in thickness across the sheet. Feel free to discuss your
application with an E & T Plastics professional. We’ll help you select the right
product for your unique application.

Cast Acrylic Thickness Tolerance

Coloring and translucency will change slightly based on thickness

FG=Furniture Grade BR=Bullet Resistant

Cast tolerances are determined by sheet size. Larger sheets have greater variance across a sheet and smaller sheets
will hold a tighter tolerance. We have assigned class 1, 2 and 3 to differentiate sheet sizes.

Class 1 Sheet Sizes: 36 x 60, 40 x 50, 48 x 96 Sheets .236” & thinner.
Class 2 Sheet Sizes: 2 larger than size 1, including 48 x 84, 53 x 80, 60 x 72, 48 x 96. Sheets .250” & thicker
Class 3 Sheet Sizes: 3 larger than size 3.


Specialty Acrylic Items

Bullet Resistant Acrylic Sheet_edited.pn

Bullet Resist, Ideal for banks, security booths and embassies.

Acrylic BR
Acrylic Lighting 1_edited_edited.png

Superior Clarity and Flame resistant when compared to  HIPS

         Lighting Products
Edge Lit sheet & Rods_edited.png

Light Diffusing for artwork, signage, or accent lighting

Edge lit Sheet & Rods
AR Plastics_edited_edited.png

Provides Increased transmissions between 280 and 360 nanometers Op-1 and UVT

Ultraviolet Transmitting Sheet
Acrylic Profiles 1_edited_edited.png

J bar, Z bar, Angle U, clear acrylic L, W, Snap Tracks, and more...

          Acrylic Profiles
Acrylic Textures and finishes_edited_edi

P-95 Matte, DP-9, FFX/DP-30, Acrylite® Satinice

Acrylic Textures and Finishes
Impact modified acrylic_edited.png

Combines beauty and clarity with high impact performance for POP displays

Impact Modified Acrylic
Unique Sign Products_edited.png

Acrylite® LED Optimizing Letter block, Lucitelux® Spectrum Block, and Black & White Acrylic

       Unique Sign Products
Digital Print_edited.png

Acrylite® digital print, Optix® DA - Digital print Optix® DA Non Glare- Digital print

            Digital Printing
Acrylic Lighting 3_edited_edited.png

Standard sheet Size: 48"x99"

Standard Thickness 1.5", 1.75", 2", 2.5", 3", 4", 5" and standard size 45" x 78"

Thick Premium Sheet

Transparent, and the edges emit bright and eye catching colors!

Picture framing 1_edited.png

Superior Clarity, light weight and easy to fabricate, more resistant to breakage.

       Framing Products
AR Plastics_edited_edited.png

40 times more resistant to scratching, 1 or 2 sides (MR1/MR2)

   Abrasion Resistant Sheet
Mirror 1_edited.png

Clear, First Surface, See-Thru, Fog Resistant and more specialty mirror products available