Lighting Panels

E&T Plastics offers a variety of items for use as lighting panels. Acrylic is
the most popular as it offers superior clarity and flame resistance when
compared to HIPS. Translucent acrylic in colors or textures make great
diffusers. Polycarbonate is another popular option, especially when
increased flammability rating or security is a concern. We offer full sheets
as manufactured or can cut them down to your unique size or shape.

Prismatic Panels - Also referred to as P-4 or P-12. This clear
diamond pattern sheet is most popular with recessed fluorescent
lighting. Prismatic patterns eliminate glare and obscure fluorescent
light sources. Standard sheet sizes are 48” X 96”. Acrylic is available in
1/8”. Polycarbonate in 1/8”, 3/16” or 1/2”. We can cut to your exact

Ribbed Acrylic- Ribbed acrylic is a solid 1/8” thick sheet with a
classic linear pattern. The linear pattern diffuses light rays and eliminate
harsh spikes of light. These panels have parallel ribs that run for the
entire length of the sheet.

ACRYLITE® Textures – Ribbed or Plaskolite KSH-25.
Satinice optimum light diffusion- Select from clear or white. Solid sheet
with subtle texture throughout the sheet. Designed to spread light evenly
throughout the sheet while hiding hot spots that are created by lighting

Satinice Optimum light diffusion- Select from clear or white.
Solid sheet with subtle texture throughout the sheet. Designed to spread
light evenly throughout the sheet while hiding hot spots that are created
Ribbed Acrylic by lighting source.

ACRYLITE® Satinice Optimum light diffusion has a
frosted appearance throughout the entire sheet straight to the edge
that offers excellent light diffusion for indoor or outdoor lit displays,
panels and store fixtures. Its surface hides fingerprints and scratches
for enhanced service life.

Satinice optimim light diffusion was designed for lighting applications.
It can hide hot spots from LED lighting.
It conforms to ASTM D 4802 and is largely UV-absorbing; partially
Available in colorless (0D010DF) and white (WD008DF).

Standard gauges: .060”, .080”, .118”, .177”, .236”, .354”, .472”
Standard sheet size: 49” X 97”


Ribbed Acrylic


Satinice optimum light diffusion- enhanced
The ACRYLITE® Satinice optimum light diffusion portfolio has
been expanded and now offers four additional grades with
higher light transmission and greater diffusion. Designed
for architectural and linear LED lighting applications, these
superior ACRYLITE® specialty acrylic grades are offered in
thicknesses depending on your application needs.

Light Diffusion Acrylic

Optix LD 2406
Optix LD 2406 is a lightly pigmented white acrylic sheet. The
product has a gloss surface making it ideal to apply vinyl and digital
imagery. When backlit the result is a bright image with even and
consistent illumination. The product was introduced into the sign
industry and it also can be used in lighting applications.

Optix LD 2406 light diffusing acrylic sheet provides superior
diffusion properties that allow for greater sign design flexibility
and slim profile channel (CAN) letters. All grades feature superior
weatherability. Visible hot spots and luminance fluctuations are
eliminated without affecting the light transmission properties.
Offered in a wide variety of stock sizes.
A grade with enhanced impact resistance is also available.

Available Stock Sizes:
Standard with film protective covering.
1/8” x 48” x 96”, 1/8” x 51” x 100”.
3/16” x 51” x 100”, 3/16” x 75” x 100”, 3/16” x 75” x 125”

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