DP-30 & P-95

Acrylic Textures

and Finishes

P-95 Matte Finish reduces reflected light. In direct contact
with an object, transparent, clarity is achieved. Popular in
clear, white and colors.

DP-9 Double sided Matte Finish is the same texture
as P-95 but textured on both sides. It provides same finished
look from any viewing angle. Double sided texture also available in custom colors.

FFX/ DP-30 is a textured finish that is frequently used
for cutting boards and chair mats. This stipple finish can also
be used in glazing applications when privacy is desired while
allowing light to pass through. Standard in clear/colorless only.
Large minimums for colors.

FFV/ DP-32 is a textured finish that is typically
used for Outdoor patio furniture and shower doors.
This wavy pattern provides 69% light transmission.

FFX / Dp-30

FFV / Dp-32

FFV / Dp-32




Heavy textured acrylic

with edges that polish

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ACRYLITE® Satinice crystal surface
is continuously manufactured with an appearance
of etched glass and a frosted finish that
diffuses light to enhance your design options
and backlit applications. Its textured surface
resists fingerprints and is easy to clean.
Conforms to ASTM D 4802 and is largely UVabsorbing; partially UV-transmitting at smaller

Standard gauges: .118”, .177”, .236”, .354”
Standard Sheet size: 49” X 97”
Standard Colors: Colorless, White WM530,
Glass Green GM020. ACRYLITE® Satinice
crystal surface also available in light blue
Texture Code: SC for single crystal, DC for
double crystal. Not all colors available in all

Satinice crystal surface
is available with texture on 1
side or 2 sides

New #0M001SC
Old #0917-8

New #0M001DC
2 Sides Texture

Glass Green
New #6M020
Old #5169-8

Light Blue
New #5M022
Old #6191-8