Aluminum Composite Panel also known as ACP and
ACM is a dynamic material that is gaining popularity in
POP and sign markets. It’s rigid, durable, lightweight
and aesthetically pleasing. The “composite” part in
Aluminum Composite Panel infers that multiple items are
combined to make this versatile material. ACP is 2 pieces of
aluminum that are clad to a polyethylene core. The aluminum
outer layers are coated with a durable polyester paint. The
product offering includes multiple grades and features. The
grades are defined by the thickness of the metal surface,
the type of metal used and the coating applied to the metal

Aluminum Composite Panel

Additional Colors Available:
White, Black, Brushed Aluminum, Digital
White. Sheet sizes up to 78” x 120” in stock.


White/Mill                        3MM                  4’ x 8’
White/White                    4MM                  4’ x 8’
White/White                    6MM                  4’ x 8’
White/White                    3MM     
4’ x 8’, 5’ x 10’, 6.5’ x 10’
White/Black                     3MM                   4’ x 8’
Black/Black                      3MM                   4’ x 8’

Brushed Aluminum/Gray      3MM             4’ x 8’, 5’ x 10’
Gold/Mirror/Gray            3MM           4’ x 8’, 48” x 120”
Gloss White/Black           3MM                   4’ x 8’

Brushed Gold/ Brushed Copper     3MM                  4’ x 8’
White/White                     4MM                  4’ x 8’

Color                            Gauge               Size

Economy: Economy grade is the least expensive grade, and
is ideal for flat surfaces. Primary applications are direct
print, rugged signs where vinyl is applied and more. This is
a popular choice for menu boards. Metal surface of .006”
can be cut with a saw and may tear if routed or bent. Great
choice where high performance is needed and low cost is


Extra durable metal coating that is .012” thick surrounds
a durable polyethylene core. Specialty grade allows for complex
fabricating with great results. Product can be scored
on reverse side and bent. It can also withstand intricate
routing patterns. Further advantages include maximum
rigidity, strength and dynamic colors. We feature Mirrorized
sheet and brushed metals. Specialty grade is priced
a little higher but worth it for more demanding clients and


Lite: Acceptable for most applications. .008” thick aluminum
surfaces surround a durable 3MM polyethylene core. Can be
routed for simple patterns with good results. Can be scored
and bent for simple patterns too. Lite is popular where sheet
will have moderate machining and opportunity is price sensitive.
E&T carries this item in brushed aluminum, white, black
and sizes up to 78” X 120”.


Ideal for direct digital print. Digital grade provides optimal ink adhesion.

Color options include white, black and brushed aluminum.
Sizes from 48” x 96” to 78” x 120”. Digital grade available in both Lite and Economy grades.
Also known as A-LITE.

Alupanel Multishield
double-sided composite panel offering greater strength and rigidity. Multishield features galvanized steel on both surfaces. Galvanized steel is receptive to magnetic media for a multitude of uses. Now available with 2 finishes- digital/digital or digital/whiteboard. Metal thickness .010” (.25MM), sheets are 48” x 96” and thicknesses of 3MM and 6MM.

• Exhibition stands
• Trade fairs
• Supermarkets
• Shop windows
• Partiton elements
• Displays
• Signage
• Photograph lamination
• Pylons
• Interior Designs