E & T PLASTICS has been the acknowledged leader in CNC routed component parts for over 25 years.


We have Six, multi-head CNC routers with tool changing capabilities all producing close tolerances, high quality repeatable plastic component parts quickly and cost effectively.  Multiple heads allow E & T to machine up to 4 of your parts simultaneously and tool changers making swapping out router bits on the fly effortless. What this means to you is incredible factory throughput that provide amazing quality the first time and every time. If it’s huge, oversized part(s) that you are looking for, we boast machines that can handle 80” x 120” and 72” x 216” parts. Not looking for a thousand parts? E & T is also your best choice for prototypes and short run projects. We work closely with artists and designers on their specialty projects too!  We can CNC a wide variety of engineered plastics, acrylics and polycarbonate among others to your exacting specifications.  Our long time relationships with world class material suppliers means lower raw material costs passed along to you. So whether it’s a close tolerance Mil-Spec requirement, a display component for POP or an industrial part, E & T is the only source you will ever need for your custom routed component parts. Click the Request for Quote button on the page to get your inquiry started and thank you for considering E & T Plastics!