Acrylic for direct digital printing

ACRYLITE® digital print, manufactured by Evonik,
is a crystal clear acrylic sheet that has enhanced adhesion
properties for UV curable inks used in today’s flatbed digital printers. ACRYLITE® digital print eliminates the need for costly adhesion promoters or other labor intensive surface preparation.

48” X 96” sheets in stock at E & T Plastics. Standard
gauges .118”, .177” and .220”.
Product number: 0M007

Now available: ACRYLITE ® digital print non-glare P-99.
Product number: 0M007 AR

Digital Print_edited.png

OPTIX® DA - Digital Acrylic is manufactured
by Plaskolite and specifically designed to provide
optimal adhesion of UV curing inks without adhesion
promoters. OPTIX® DA delivers all the benefits of
continuously processed acrylic sheet in a specially
formulated product for printing. Just as with OPTIX
sheet, OPTIX® DA provides superior strength and is
available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

OPTIX® DA NON GLARE- Digital Acrylic
Same enhanced adhesion on gloss side as Optix®
DA. Opposite side has non-glare surface for
enhanced viewing.

Both Optix® grades are available from E&T Plastics
48” X 96” sheets in stock at E & T Plastics in
.118”, .177” and .220”.