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Displays, Signs & Printing

P-95 Matte, DP-9, FFX/DP-30, Acrylite® Satinice

Acrylic Textures and Finishes

Combines beauty and clarity with high impact performance for POP displays

Impact Modified Acrylic

40 times more resistant to scratching, 1 or 2 sides (MR1/MR2)

   Abrasion Resistant Sheet

Clear, First Surface, See-Thru, Fog Resistant and more specialty mirror products available


Easy to Clean, Available with protective film for applications like digital printing, Excellent adhesion for ink, paint or tapes, Good white points, Available in colors, Lightweight, Easy to machine or cut

Ultra White and Multi-Layer available

Expanded PVC

heavy-duty, all-plastic panel that features a lithograde, high-impact polystyrene surface perfect for screen printing and digital printing. It is ideal for permanent displays and signs.

  ULTRA Board & ULTRA Mount

Covestro polycarbonate sheet is produced under rigid quality control specifications, meeting ISO certification guidelines for both plants and processes


Engravable polymer sheet for outdoor signage, tool areas, parks, playgrounds, pictograms and other applications. Outlasts wood and vinyl signs with virtually no maintenance


Optical Clarity - 92% light transmission makes it clearer than glass. Colorfast - Does not yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Impact Resistance - 10 times more shatter resistant than glass. Also available in bullet resistant grade. Light Weight - Less than half the weight of glass. Easy to Work with - It can be cut, drilled, polished, solvent cemented, thermoformed, painted, silk screened


Transparent, and the edges emit bright and eye catching colors!


Light Diffusing for artwork, signage, or accent lighting

Edge lit Sheet & Rods

Provides Increased transmissions between 280 and 360 nanometers Op-1 and UVT

Ultraviolet Transmitting Sheet

J bar, Z bar, Angle U, Clear acrylic L, W, Snap Tracks and more

          Acrylic Profiles

dynamic material that is gaining popularity in POP and sign markets. It’s rigid, durable, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing

Aluminum Composite Panel

ABS and Thermoplastics

ABS and Thermoplastics

impact protection of MAKROLON® polycarbonate sheet and the UV resistance of acrylic.

SunLife Polycarbonate


 Weldon Adhesives

Superior Clarity and Flame resistant when compared to  HIPS

         Lighting Products

Acrylite® LED Optimizing Letter block, Spectrum Block, and Black & White Acrylic

       Unique Sign Products

Acrylite® digital print, Optix® DA - Digital print Optix® DA Non Glare- Digital print

            Digital Printing

Standard sheet Size: 48"x99"

Standard Thickness 1.5", 1.75", 2", 2.5", 3", 4", 5" and standard size 45" x 78"

Perclax Premium Grade Thick Acrylic

Can be thermoformed, strip heated and bent, or brake formed, Can be die cut, drilled, milled and routed, Can be hot stamped, silk screened, or painted, Good impact strength means less breakage in shipment & use.It has limited UV resistance and is primarily an indoor material.

             PETG (VIVAK)

fully recyclable, rigid graphics media board which offers superior performance over most traditional foam options. Its paper-based construction makes

Honeycomb Panel & Falconboard

enhanced UV resistant product with exceptional weatherability and high impact strength. This product meets UL 879 for electrical signage. It can be easily fabricated, thermoformed and decorated.Sign Grade Reels are available in widths 52”, 76” and 100”.

     Polycarbonate Reels

 Polish & Scratch remover

            Novus Polish