Expanded PVC / Foamed PVC

Standard PVC Products:

E&T Plastics is pleased to promote Expanded PVC from multiple high quality domestic sources. We offer items from Kommerling, Palram and Vycom. It’s hard to rely on a single source, as we cater to many different customers in different regions. We are committed to keeping the appropriate product mix for you. We represent the best brands. Expanded or Foamed PVC is a high quality substrate at a very reasonable rate. The product is a plastic alternative to paper and wood. It features a closed-cell matte finish surface. It is light weight, easy to fabricate, available in thicknesses from 1MM-25MM and many sheet sizes. Further it is durable, rigid, resistant to chemicals, corrosion and moisture and exhibits low flammability characteristics (UL-94 V0).

Weight Chart


Polyvinylchloride or PVC is the polymer used to make these sheets. PVC is one of the oldest and most developed synthetic materials. You can expect durability, resistance to chemicals and water and overall toughness. Over time the product continues to evolve and with improvements new applications are evident. What was once used for commercial signage is now used for digital print, display,
sign and construction products.

Available in: White, black, gray, light gray, red, beige, blue, green, and yellow.

48" x 96" All Colors
48" x 120" All Colors
60" x 96" Black and White only
60" x 120" Black and White only
25 mm
126 lbs
157.5 lbs
Not Available
Not Available
19 mm
90 lbs
112.5 lbs
Not Available
Not Available
12.7 mm
63 lbs
78.75 lbs
Not Available
Not Available
12 mm
60 lbs
75 lbs
Not Available
Not Available
9 mm
45 lbs
56.25 lbs
Not Available
Not Available
6 mm
30 lbs
37.5 lbs
37.5 lbs
46.88 lbs
4.5 mm
22.5 lbs
28.125 lbs
Not Available
Not Available
3 mm
15 lbs
18.75 lbs
18.75 lbs
23.44 lbs
2 mm
10 lbs
12.5 lbs
Not Available
Not Available
1 mm
5 lbs
6.25 lbs
Not Available
Not Available

Anywhere a weight is listed in 48" x 96" or 48" x 120" material is available in all colors, for 60" x 96" and 60" x 120" only 3mm and 6mm are available and only in black and white

• Lightweight
• UL 1975 classified*
• Low thermal conductivity
• Superior weatherability
• Water resistant
• High insulation and sound

   absorption characteristics
• FDA Approved (Incidental contact)
• Excellent thermal properties
• High overall fire retardancy
• UL-94V-0 Vertical burn rate*
• Lead and cadmium-free
• High structural strength
• Cleanable
• Good color retention

Expanded PVC for printing:
• Easy to Clean
• Available with protective film for applications like digital printing
• Excellent adhesion for ink, paint or tapes
• Good white points
• Available in colors
• Lightweight
• Easy to machine or cut

Expanded PVC for Construction:

• Superior Weatherability

• Water Resistant

• Durable

• Rigid

• Inexpensive

• Wood Replacement

• Easy to paint or wrap

• Great product for cabinet toe kicks

• Excellent seat back in boats where     wet environment destroys wood.

• Partitions and cabinets in trucks and ambulances.

• Indoor & Outdoor Signage
• Gameboards
• Displays
• Merchandising
• Trade Show Dividers
• POP’s
• Stage Sets
• Wall Maps
• Photo Mountings
• Hangables

• Exhibits

• Enclosures

• Shelving

• Models

• Art

• Prototypes

• Furniture

• Building Products                        

We proudly carry PVC foam Products from:

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Specialty PVC Products:


PALBOARD® from Palram has an ultra-smooth surface that offers excellent ink-adhesion for digital or traditional printing applications. It’s easy to fabricate, can be cold-bent with a V-groove cut, and offers good mechanical strength and excellent chemical resistance. It is ideal for interior sign, display and more.

Standard Sheet Size is 48” X 96”.                                        Standard Thicknesses are 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 12mm.

In the world of multilayer substrates, PALBOARD is an innovative PVC sheet that’s like no other. PALBOARD 3D combines two ultra-smooth surfaces of solid PVC with a black or white dense foam core. Its uniform surfaces are bright white allowing for the most vibrant color reproduction. PALBOARD 3D is easy to fabricate, can be cold-bent with a v-groove cut, and offers excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance, making it the ideal sheet for retail signs & 3D structures, POP displays, exhibits, & more.

Continually innovating, our newest addition is PALBOARD 3D HYG. This all white, antimicrobial* sheet is infused with silver ion technology to protect the product from the growth of microbes such as bacteria, mold, and mildew that cause stains and odors.

*Palram’s antimicrobial technology does not protect users or others against disease causing bacteria, germs, viruses or other harmful organisms. This technology is not a substitute for good hygiene and/or cleaning practices. Not for sale in Canada.


Palboard 3D is

  • Easy to fabricate, heat-bend, and cold-bend using v-groove routing

  • Ultra-smooth and uniform surface that resists dents and scratches

  • EverClean™ protective film is standard

  • Excellent ink adhesion and white index for vibrant color reproduction

  • HYG version is printable while maintaining antimicrobial properties

  • Recycled lightweight foam PVC core

  • High structural strength with a relatively low weight

  • Excellent chemical and fire resistance

  • Strong electrical and thermal insulation

  • A true co-extruded sheet, not a laminate

  • Phthalate-free, REACH & RoHS compliant

  • 10 year delamination warranty

  • 3 year non-yellowing warranty (all white only)

Palboard 2D is

  • Ultra-smooth and uniform surface

  • EverClean™ protective film is standard

  • Bright white surface for excellent color reproduction

  • Superior ink adhesion

  • No more flood pre-coating with white

  • Easy, smooth CNC routing and cutting

  • Black core provides an attractive edge

  • Rigid, yet lightweight

  • Solid PVC surface resists dents & scratches

  • Phthalate-free, REACH & RoHS compliant

  • Excellent chemical and fire resistance

  • Good electrical and thermal insulation

  • A true co-extruded sheet, not a laminate

  • 10 year warranty for delamination

Palboard 2D
Palboard 2D

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Palboard 2D
Palboard 2D

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Palboard 2D
Palboard 2D

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Palboard 2D
Palboard 2D

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Celtec Ultra White


Rigid Foam PVC Sheet

This advanced PVC formulation from Vycom is designed specifically for outdoor applications where resistance to ultraviolet (UV) degradation and impact strength are critical. Performance tests indicate that ULTRA WHITE® is up to eight times more resistant to UV damage and is both digital and screen printable. This product is a monolithic (solid) sheet with a gloss surface.

• Superior UV performance
• Excellent Impact properties
• Brightest White
• High Gloss Finish

Thickness/Sheet Size
2MM, 3MM, 6MM
48” X 96”

KOMACEL® , is an expanded PVC sheet with a solid gloss surface. It is suitable for both graphic and industrial applications. The smooth outer skin makes the product ideal for screen printing, painting and applying vinyl. Its solid surface enhances weatherability for superior outdoor performance. It’s foamed core reduces the weight and keeps cost at a discount compared to monolithic PVC sheet. KOMACEL® has been used for both interior and exterior applications for more than 30 years.

Thickness/Sheet Size
4MM (5/32), 5MM (3/16), 6MM
(1/4”), 10MM (3/8”), 13MM (1/2”),
19MM (3/4”), 24MM (1”), 30MM
(1-3/16”) *
*Standard measurements are approximate.

Available in: 13, 16, & 19mm, 4 x 8.
[4x10. 25mm will be available soon.]