The history of E & T Plastics is unique in the Industry, in that we started out in 1945 as a Fabricator of Plastics and later became one of America’s largest and most well respected distributors. E & T continues to offer the finest quality plastic fabrication to this day. If you require heat bending, our automated, water cooled equipment delivers high volume, great quality and cost effective parts.

E & T has one of the largest walk in convection ovens in the Industry, capable of forming sheets up to 75” x 125” in heavy gages up to 1.25” thick. We offer free blown domes and Hemispheres for Bus Shelters, Skylights, Lighting Products and many different Architectural designs.

We have multiple head drill presses for accurate precision drilling. Our equipment can drill up to 8 holes simultaneously which saves time and money on large production jobs. Are you looking for cemented components? Look no further than   E & T’s fabrication department. SO no matter what type of traditional fabrication you require, E & T is a click away. Just use the Request Quote and Save button located on this page to learn more.