High Performance Materials

          Marine Board

King StarBoard® ... withstand(s) the constant punishmentof the sun, water and weather in harsh marine environments.

       Cutting Board

durable, lightweight, non-absorbentand resistant to chemicals. High Density Polyethylene is analternative to wood, metal, ceramic etc. for your kitchen orworkstation.


• Very good wear and abrasion resistance
• Excellent Impact resistance
• FDA/USDA/NSF compliant
• Outstanding chemical resistance
• Continuous use temperature of 210 degrees F

          PET & PBT

• Excellent hardness and stiffness.
• High flexural modulus & mechanical strength.
• Low coefficient of friction, excellent wear resistance.
• Natural white color is compliant with USDA/FDA/NSF
• Continuous service temperature of 230º.


• Long term continuous use at 285ºF
• High strength and rigidity
• Good chemical resistance
• Excellent electrical properties
• FDA/USDA/NSF compliant
• Flame retardant – UL94 V-O

Thermosets (Phenolic)

dense, dimensionally stable, structurally strong, has low creep, and is an excellent electrical insulator. This general group of industrial laminates also includes glass fabrics which are laminated with melamine, epoxy, or silicone

DesignBoard® HDPE

Vycom's ... product has superior performance. Unlike wood or metal alternatives, our products will not rust,corrode, rot, delaminate, or splinter.

Polyethylene (HDPE&LDPE)

The family of polyethylenes vary in molecular weight, or densities, and exhibit varying degrees of properties. Other thanUHMW, the main types of polyethylene are LDPE & HDPE:

       Delrin & Acetal

• Excellent moisture resistance.
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Very good rigidity & mechanical strength
• Low coefficient of friction
• FDA/USDA/NSF compliant
• Continuous use temperature of 180ºF

Ultem (Polyetherimide)

• Continuous use temperature of 388ºF
• Ultem® retains a high level of all of it’s
properties at elevated temperatures.
• FDA/USDA/NSF compliant.
• Excellent mechanical strength and stiffness.
• Outstanding electrical properties.
• Withstands repeated autoclaving.
• Flame resistant with low smoke evolution.
• Easily machined and finished.
• Available glass filled.

Kynar ( Polyvinylidene Flouride)

• Resistant to UV and
Gamma radiation.
• Moisture resistant
• Non-flammable and self
• Continuous operating
temperature of 285ºF.

   PVC (Polyvinycholride), Flexible Tubes, Fittings & Rolls

PVC has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. PVC offers a major advantage over many other corrosion resistant products because it can be solvent cemented. It can also be thermally welded.


features a course surface which provides optimal adhesion characteristics, and the product is engineered to have high screw retention. ENDURABOND ® will not rot, warp, rust,  delaminateor splinter.


Compared to the polyethylenes, it is stiffer, has greater surface hardness, and greater compressive strength. Like the other polyolefins, it offers great chemical and corrosion resistance. It is often welded and used for plating barrels, tanks, and hoods. It can also be thermoformed.

PTFE/Glass Fabrics & TAPES

This grouping of high performance materials is best known for the woven fiberglass coated with teflon resin. This can be supplied as fabrics, belts, or pressure sensitive tapes. The best known trade names for this class of products are Greenbelt®, Fluorglass®, Taconic®, and CHR®

             PEEK       (Polyetheretherketone)

• 482ºF continuous working temperature
• Outstanding chemical resistant
• Strong, stiff, and impact resistant
• Outstanding abrasion and wear resistant
• Excellent electrical properties
• Resists hydrolysis in boiling water
• Resistant to radiation


• High impact strength
• Good thermoforming capabilities
• 220°F continuous temperature
• Dimensionally stable


• Outstanding abrasion resistance
• Excellent lubricity
• High impact strength
• Zero moisture absorption
• Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance
• USDA/FDA/NSF compliant

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