Impact Modified Acrylic


Cut, polish and cement like
general purpose acrylic with
benefit of enhanced durability.

ACRYLITE® Resist– impact resistant extruded
acrylic combines the beauty and clarity of acrylic
with high impact performance for longer lasting,
more cost-effective store fixtures and P-O-P
displays. It delivers exceptional cost savings
through down-gauging without sacrificing the
structural integrity of your application.

Standard Gauges: .060”, .080”, .090”, .098”,
.118”, .150”, .177”, .220”, .236”, .354”, .472”.

Standard sheet sizes 48”x 96” and 51” x100”.

ACRYLITE® Resist™ 65 This sheet is available in 2 standard grades. Resist 65, and
Resist 45. Both offer increased impact resistance over standard acrylic. Resist 65
provides enhanced durability. Resist 45 is lower cost alternative. Both grades assured
by 30 year warranty against yellowing.

ACRYLITE® Resist™ 45 has slightly less
impact strength than ACRYLITE Resist 65
sheet yet with exceptional optical clarity. It is
the practical and economical alternative for
store fixtures and P-O-P displays.


Durable and Consistent

ACRYLITE® LED sign grade is the universal acrylic sheet for the sign market, is rigid,
tough, easily fabricated, machined and resists chipping and melting. It is perfect for
channel lettering, flat and pan faced sign and vacuum formed letter applications.
Sign grade impact modified acrylic sheet will withstand severe weather conditions and
resist cracking when machined into letters

This easily fabricated sheet has outstanding weatherability, excellent light
transmission and diffusion. Available in clear, white WRT30 (7328), white WRT31
(2447), red 3RK31 (2793), red 3RK32 (2283) and yellow 1RK30 (2037) in sheets.

Standard gauges:
.118”, .177”


Standard sheet sizes:
51” X 100”, 51” X 125”,
75” X 100”, 75” X 125”

ACRYLITE® LED sign grade reels is the same
product as LED sign grade but supplied in a
continuous coil. This made to order item is available
in colorless and white WRT30 (7328).

Available gauges:  .118”, .150”, .177”
Available widths:    .51”, .75”, .100”
Available lengths:  .118” @ 400 feet
                                .150   @ 400 feet
                                .177   @ 350 feet