Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

Tuffak® AR
This polycarbonate sheet offers the dual protection you need to ensure long service life in demanding glazing applications. It offers the high impact strength of standard TUFFAK® GP polycarbonate sheet, coupled with enhanced weatherability & superior abrasion resistance.

TUFFAK® AR polycarbonate sheet features a unique clear hard coat finish that resists all types of abuse, from physical attack to chemicals and spray paint.


Product Availability                       Description                            Standard Sizes                                   Standard                Applications

Product/Grade                                                                                                                                          Colors

Makrolon® AR                              Polished Surfaces                  Gauges 1/8" - 1/2"                             Clear                      Flat Architectural &

Polycarbonate Sheet                    Hard-coat 2 sides                 *L: 72,96 W: 48, 60, 72"                       Gray, Bronze         Transportation Glazing

Abrasion Resistant Sheet                                                                                                                                                         Security Applications     


Makralon® Hygard                      laminated Polycarbonate    Gauges 3/8, 1/2, 3/4,1, 1-1/4"             Clear                      Physical Attack &

Laminate                                      & Polycarbonate / Acrylic    *L: 60, 72, 78, 96" W: 36, 38, 48,  72"                                  Bullet Resisting

Security Glazing                           Hard Coated 2 Sides                                                                                                          Security Glazing


* Custom Lengths Available

General purpose polycarbonate can’t be beat for impact strength.
That’s why it is so widely used in high traffic areas such as street level
windows, bus shelters, and security glazing. Add an abrasion and UV
resistant surface and the result is MAKROLON AR polycarbonate sheet,
a polycarbonate glazing material that provides superior clarity when subjected to
repeated contact, cyclical cleaning, and even vandalism.