Safety Shields and Barriers for Schools

E&T Plastics can help prevent the spread of germs at schools and learning centers with safety shields.


Now selling our newest model, the Student Desk Shield. These shields measure 18" x 20" x 22" and can be configured in multiple ways including rectangular, angled, and Multi, as shown on our graphics. These shields are portable (weighing under 2.5 pounds), easy to use, shatter proof and meet New York State fire ratings (MPS 2606.4 Flammability rating)


20   @ $37.50 ea.     

100 @ $33.00 ea.     

500 @ $26.00 ea.

1000 @ $22.00 ea.     

1001-5000 @ $19.50 ea.

5000+ Call for Pricing

  • Lightweight and portable. (Less than 2-1/2 pounds each.)

  • Unit can be folded with hand holes for convenient carrying.

  •  Self-Extinguishing and meets New York State Fire Ratings. (MPS 2606.4 Flammability rating) 

  • Crystal clear with 360 degree viewing.

  •  Shatterproof and virtually indestructible.

  • Can be cleaned and sterilized.

  • Assembly in seconds, no hardware required.

  • Can be adjusted to fit multiple environments.

  • Can be a permanent or temporary barrier. (Base feet optional)

  • Immediate availability at a great price!

The Perfect Safety Solution




We also sell a variety of other designs pictured below

Choose from designs that rest on a desk or table, are suspended from ceiling or are self-standing.  We offer Polycarbonate, Acrylic, PVC and more. We feature a variety of thicknesses and grades. Speak to one of our sales professionals to select the best product for your project.

Applications include:

  • Clear Partitions and Dividers

  • Health Shields/Sneeze or Splash Guards

  • Cafeteria or Conference Room Table Dividers

  • Free standing Partitions

  • Vehicle Dividers

Perfect for:

  • Classrooms

  • Libraries

  • Computer rooms

  • Administrative offices

  • Safe waiting areas


  • Clear and transparent

  • Colors/Textures for privacy

  • Material to conform with building codes

E&T Plastics maintains a large inventory of clear plastics for fast delivery!