Many Picture Framers use acrylic instead of glass...

Acrylic is the choice of framers because it offers superior clarity, is light weight, easy to fabricate and more resistant to breakage than alternative materials. Acrylic is ideal when it comes to large pieces of artwork, commercial installations and projects that require protection from UV rays.

UV filtering Gallery UV filtering (UV3) acrylic
sheet offers museum-quality UV protection, but at a slightly
reduced level when compared with OP-3. Without sacrificing
clarity, impact, and quality, this reduced cost UV-filtering sheet
will still provide a high level of UV protection for most
applications. It is an ideal choice for those applications which
do not need maximum UV protection.

ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP3) acrylic
sheet offers museum-quality UV protection with the beautiful
clarity of the finest picture frame glazing. At half the weight of
glass, it is a safer alternative, more resistant to impact, and
easier to handle than glass. ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering
(OP3) sheet offers the highest protection for the irreversible
effects of UV damage. It protects from both natural and
artificial light thus protecting paper-bourne artwork, prints, and
documents from fading, yellowing and becoming brittle. The UV
protective qualities are part of the sheet structure and therefore
can’t be scratched off.

ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering mar resistant
(OP3 MR1)
acrylic sheet combines both abrasion and
chemical resistance with UV filtering. It protects art from UV
light while also protecting the acrylic from scratching due to
the abrasive effects of some chemical cleaners. Easily cleaned
with common household cleaners, the Mar Resistant coating
resists scratching and dulling effects from typical alcohol and
ammonia products.

ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering non-glare (OP3
acrylic sheet offers UV protection with a matte finish
for glare free viewing and enduring enjoyment.

ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP2) acrylic sheet is guaranteed to be
defect free with a maximum level of UV protection. This cell cast sheet is the clear
choice for museum vitrines. Easily fabricated, edges can be mitred and cemented for
strong nearly invisible joints. It can be thermoformed, screen printed, and painted.
This product is also available with an abrasion and chemical resistant coating (OP2
MR1) upon request.

Thicknesses range from .098” to .236” and sheet sizes 48” x 96” to 80” x 120”. Check with your salesperson for availability.


Picture Frame Quality Sheet

ACRYLITE® Gallery framing grade (FF-3).
framing grade sheet is the only acrylic framing grade
product that’s guaranteed defect free or your money
back. It’s an exceptional general-purpose glazing for
cherished memorabilia, photographs and prints as well
as for valued artwork, and is used by museums and
galleries for both indoor and outdoor framing.

Protection from glare.

ACRYLITE® Gallery non-glare
non-glare sheet was created
to minimize glare and reflection and
maximize the unhindered viewing of
framed artwork. Its matte finish

shows the art and nothing but the art

from almostany angle and under typical lighting conditions. ACRYLITE® AR P-99 sheet combines abrasion resistance with non-glare performance.

Protection from defects, guaranteed.

Protection from abrasion and chemicals.


ACRYLITE® Gallery mar resistant
. abrasion resistant sheet has an
abrasion and chemical resistant coating on
one or both surfaces. The one-sided option offers
significant economic savings. Its scratch
resistance makes it perfect for high-traffic
areas, public displays and children’s rooms.