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Another value added service offered by E & T Plastics is polishing. We can add the finishing touch to your parts with the beauty of a highly polished Edge. There are several different techniques that we offer including Diamond Edge polishing, Flame Polishing, Buff Polishing and laser polishing.


  1. Diamond Edge Polish: this is a basic automatic machine polish which can be applied to any straight edge. Machine polishing is fast and inexpensive and leaves a high luster. It is the most popular, fastest and competitively priced alternative we supply.

  2. Flame Polish: this process is performed by our highly skilled craftsmen with a torch that is carefully drawn over the edge of the material and will leave a beautiful lustrous polish and slightly softened edges. Pre-sanding the edge before flaming will leave a perfect clear edge polish.

  3. Buff Polishing: This process is by far our highest quality polish. Buff polishing is truly a work of art and is performed by our trained craftsmen to deliver a perfectly polished edge. If you are looking for a true “gem” this is the choice.

  4. Laser Polish: Laser polishing is a machine polish and is created on one of our state of the art

Laser machinery. Lasers can cut intricate patterns and shapes and as a natural byproduct of the laser process leaves behind a beautiful lustrous polished edge. You can learn more about laser cutting in our Laser Cutting section.


No matter which polishing technique you choose, a brief discussion with one of our trained professionals will help you make the right choice for your project. Just click on the Request for Quote and Save button on this page to learn more.