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These challenging times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic require creative ways to stay safe at the workplace. Receptionists, Cashiers, Pharmacists and other workers who are in direct contact with the general public should consider these barriers for physical and emotional protection. These protective barriers have been called “sneeze guards” and “cough shields”. E&T Plastics can help achieve worker safety by providing clear plastic sheets (acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG) that are easily installed to protect workers. Simply let us know the size (length, width and height) of the pieces you need. You can choose from the following:

· Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet aka Tuffak AR ®, Monogal AR ®. BEST product for the application. Polycarbonate is most impact resistant and Abrasion Resistant Coating protects plastic sheet while disinfecting. Most durable option and best for mechanical fastening.

· Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheet aka ACRYLITE ® Optical mar resistant, AR Coated Acrylic ®: Best LOOKING product. Abrasion Resistant Coating protects plastic sheet while disinfecting

· General Purpose Polycarbonate Sheet aka Tuffak GP ®, Monogal ®. More economical than Abrasion Resistant. Same durable properties. Clean with soap and water for best results.

· General Purpose Acrylic Sheet aka ACRYLITE ®, OPTIX ®. More economical than Abrasion Resistant. Same durable properties. Clean with soap and water for best results.

· PETG transparent copolyester aka VIVAK ®. Good for small areas where flexible product is needed

E&T Plastics has 9 locations to help you receive these items quickly. We hope you stay safe from the Novel Coronavirus during these trying times and consider our products to help.

INSTALLATION: Your situation is unique to you and there is no standard installation hardware package. Our plastics experts will be happy to offer tips and suggestions for various installation techniques. Whether you are installing on a counter- top or to the fascia of your counter, E & T can help guide you to the best solution. Please contact E & T Plastics sales department for additional information.

FABRICATION: E & T Plastics has a full- service Fabrication facility located in Teterboro NJ, to serve your needs. Whether it is custom CNC routing, laser cutting or polishing, let E & T help you customize your Safety Shield to fit your unique environment. Custom sizes, custom designs are our specialty. Please contact E & T PLASTICS sales Department and speak to one of our representatives today.


E & T Plastics is interested in the health and well being of its employees, their families and all of our valued customers. We are here to answer your questions and concerns.


Call your local branch (Phone numbers available at bottom of screen) or E-Mail                            Info@e-tplastics.com for info.


40 times more resistant to scratching, 1 or 2 sides (MR1/MR2) Available in multiple sizes.

   Abrasion Resistant Acrylic Sheet

For general purpose applications. Best clarity.

                Acrylic Sheet

TUFFAK® AR polycarbonate sheet features a unique clear hard coat finish that resists all types of abuse, from physical attack to chemicals.

Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate

PETG available for small areas where cold forming is required. Thickness .020"- .060".


For general purpose applications that require superiorimpact protection

Polycarbonate Sheet

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