Polyvinylchloride (PVC) comes in many different forms. These different
forms modify the properties to suit particular applications.
Plasticisers, stabilizers, and impact modifiers can be added to
produce these modifications. In general, PVC offers excellent
chemical and corrosion resistance. PVC offers a major advantage
over many other corrosion resistant products because it
can be solvent cemented. It can also be thermally welded. This
versatility in fabrication is why PVC is so widely used. The main
types of PVC are:

GREY TYPE I PVC - The most common type. Used for plating
tanks, exhaust hoods, and scrubbers for any industry using or
processing chemicals. It is NSF compliant and has a continuous
operating temperature of 160°F.

WHITE TYPE I PVC - Used for aesthetic properties where white
is desirable over the standard grey.

CLEAR PVC - Used for viewing windows, often in conjunction with
other PVC fabrication. The advantage over other clear materials
is that it can be welded to the grey or white PVC. Like the other
PVC’s, it has good impact strength and chemical resistance.

TYPE II PVC - Offers higher impact strength than the type I.
It is lighter grey in color than the type I.

CPVC - This is a higher temperature material. It can be used to
200°F continuously.


Vinyl tubing is clear, very flexible and has a
smooth bore. It is resistant to chemicals,
corrosion, oxidation, aging, and bacteria.
It can be attached by worm screw clamps,
barbed fittings, cemented, or thermally
welded. In food grades it is USDA/FDA/
NSF compliant. It is pure and nontoxic. Vinyl
tubing has literally thousands of applications
including: food processing, chemical processing,
pharmaceutical, medical, air lines,
drain lines, and water lines.


Excelon® R-4000
Clear Pvc Pipe

Where visual control is required, Excelon® R-4000
offers all the benefits of standard rigid PVC schedule
40 pipe, but in a transparent form. It is non toxic, resists
bacterial activity, and meets FDA standards for
sanitary use in food, drug, and chemical processing.
It is non-conductive, and not subject to deterioration
by corrosion. The smooth interior surfaces of the
pipe permit maximum flow rates and minimize the
accumulation of sediment. It can be solvent cemented
to clear Excelon® R-4000 fittings, or to standard
gray schedule 40 fittings.

Vinyl Strip Doors

These are transparent strips which are hung in walk through
or drive through openings. They provide temperature control
for coolers and freezers. They provide dust control and noise
abatement when hung in factory openings. On loading docks
they keep the weather out and the heat in. They are clear, for
safety’s sake, and are available in both standard industrial
grade and USDA compliant grade. They are also available in
amber/orange for welding booths.