PERCLAX® is the name of the cast methacrylate produced
by Clax Italia. It is entirely composed of PMMA, a
thermoplastic polymer obtained by bulk-monomer polymerization
in the casting processes. Based on the most
innovative and advanced technologies, Clax Italia’s
Perclax® stands out for its outstanding optical properties,
extreme purity, transparency, toughness and excellent
light and weathering characteristics.

This high quality sheet is ideal for furniture and point-ofpurchase
displays. Its appearance is water clear. Perclax®
machines, polishes and glues as well as any cast acrylic
sheet in the world.

Standard sheet sizes: 48” x 99”.
Standard thicknesses: 1.50”, 1.75”, 2.00”, 2.50”, 3”, 4”,
5” and 6” standard size 45” x 78”

Crystal clear cell cast acrylic
sheet in stock in gauges
from 1.5” – 6”.