Unique Sign Products

E&T Plastics offers this revolutionary product from 2 high quality suppliers; Evonik and Lucite.
The Evonik offering is called ACRYLITE® LED optimized letter block and Lucite’s is called LUCITELUX® Spectrum
Block. Either will help you make a bold statement!

ACRYLITE® LED Optimized letter block, is a specially formulated
cast acrylic developed for backlighting with embedded LEDs. Combining LEDs
with ACRYLITE® LED acrylic makes for maximum efficiency and superior lighting
technology, especially in illuminated signs, store fixtures and exhibition booths.
ACRYLITE® LED optimized letter block offers the following characteristics:

Sheet Size: 48” X 96” X 1.181” (30MM).
Product Number: WM51
Light Transmission 22%
• High luminous efficiency and therefore cost savings, through improved diffusion

This revolutionary product allows for channels to be routed in sheet to accept
an LED light source. Cut shapes emit bright light while disguising the light
source. E&T Plastics offers both Lucitelux® Spectrum Block and ACRYLITE® LED
optimized letter block. These products can be used with white or colored LED
light sources.
• Optimized diffusion with even illumination.             • Easy to machine.
• Weather resistant.                                                       • Recyclable.

New Product # WH51 offers same features as WM51 and now available in
additional gauges- .472”, .708”, .944”. Thinner gauges emit same 22% light


ACRYLITE® LED color changing back lit sheet
appears dark by day and with a little backlighting,
it glows white at night! It’s manufactured
from a special pigment formulation that yields
25 percent light transmittance when backlit, but
appears dark and opaque without backlighting.
New Color # 9K004. Old Color # 1124-0.
Standard Sizes 1/8” and 3/16” x 48” x 96”

Black & White Acrylic

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